Castlevania X Chronicles announced for PSP!!

If I DIDNT have a reason to own a PSP before now (and believe me, I really didnt), I do now. Rondo remake (oh shit), PLUS the original AND Symphony of the Night for extra good measure! Here, have some video!

Source - 1up


Anonymous said...

Wow. Tempting; very, VERY tempting. Between this and the update to the original FFT coming to the PSP, I've been changing my mind a bit about the handheld. I still would rather have a DS, though... but I may actually buy a PSP someday as well. UMD will always suck as a movie format, though.

P.S. Shade, don't tell me to show up on AIM. I'll be on when I have the ability again (long story, man).

Shade said...

Haha, get on aimz! But yea, I just placed a bid on a PSP based on the strength of this alone!