Dusting off this old blog.....

So, I realized that I still have access to this blog and I'm gonna start updating it a bit more. After all, this holiday season is shaping up to be a good one for PS3 owners(I don't own an Xbox 360, so this will have to do).

A couple of titles I purchased on the PS3 as of late:

Little Big Planet
The Last Guy
Dead Space
Wipeout HD

I'll be reviewing these hopefully in the next few days.


So, this picture is interesting.

Most of you may already have the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo running on your PS3s. Looks nice, right? Plays fairly well, obviously. Now let's just look at this wonderous image that Shade showed me.

Just, wow. Fucking amazing. And lo and behold it's an all new graphics engine that they developed for the game. God damn. The game looks amazing in motion as well. Runs very smoothly and is pretty much an all around fun game. I might consider purchasing it for the PS3. After all, a lot of us missed out on the Xbox version due to the fact that we didn't buy a Halo machine(as if the first Xbox wasn't a Halo machine) at the time.

I'm just shocked by that comparison image. Now I'm just wondering when we're gonna get a new Tenchu game. And if Capcom were to please us old school fans with a NEW fucking Strider game(the last one being Strider 2, duh). The DMC team could handle something like that. Hell, if Clover Studios were still a part of Capcom, I would have loved them if they made a new Strider game. But alas, one can only dream.

Anyway, E3 season is upon us folks. It's time to get hyped and to get our computers ready for all the videos we'll be downloading minute after minute.

By the way, Phoenix Wright is an awesome game/series. I'm still playing the first one due to my fighting game tournies and other gaming duties. It's a very elaborate game that makes you think. I like it. Fuck it. I love it. It's definitely one of the best Capcom games to come out in a long time.

Anyway, time to start saving that scratch for Hajime no Ippo: Revolution for the Nintendo Wii. That game is gonna be gold. Too bad I'm not so much in love with the Wii-mote.


New Hokuto No Ken Online Game!

I've known about this for awhile, bit it seems we finally got some info and pictures on it. I'm excited, no doubt about that. All we know is it will be a PC title, where you will apprently create your own street thug/gang dude, and beat the shit out of people (c'mon, thats what you do!), and you need a Pentium III, and Windows 2000/XP to run it.

Thanks to GameWatch for the original Article

Article - http://www.watch.impress.co.jp/game/docs/20070301/hokuto.htm
Official Site - http://www.hokutonoken-online.jp/

Sony = Whiny Baby Liars

So, Sony doesnt want you reporting rumors about their conferences or whatever. If you do, you get BLACKBALLED, yo. I report whatever I want mind you, since I dont owe Sony a damn thing.

But that's neither here nor there. I'm here to call Sony out. Back with the news about the then upcoming SIXAXIS, and it lacking rumble, Sony stated on how rumbling controllers is a thing of the past, even though we all knew it was because of their fall out with Immersion and their court case...

But now, both Sony and Immersion seem to have made amends (i.e. Sony settled out of court) and now we will be seeing rumble in future Sony Playstation products (i.e. next SIXAXIS model I'd bet).

Sony, Sony, why do you bullshit so much?


Hardcore Gaming 101 working it out!

Just wanna heads up to a great, long article (+ pics/sprites/screenshots!) about one of my favorite game series, Darkstalkers! Check it out you bums!


Art by athena-chan


Random Image of the Day

I'd play it, or watch it. Whatever came first. Anything with Scrooge McDuck is an instant win.


EVO 2k7.....The Battle for the World begins anew...


The site is up and information will be posted up as soon as it hits. I'm really hoping for some SFA3 action. I've been playing the game nonstop. Good times.

Also, 'lol' @ Shade for having to buy a PSP. He did himself a horrible favor in getting one of those. It's a neat paperweight though. People see it and are like "Hey! A PSP! Can I use it?" And I promptly tell them, "No you may not. It's my official Sony SCEA paperweight." And they usually get a kick out of it until they say "Why the hate?"

And then I have them play T5DR on it and they understand. That Castlevania game has me hyped. If not just a bit. I need to finish Portrait of Ruin already and finish Phoenix Wright 1. Help me God. I'm too lazy right now. Ugh.......

In other news, I saw VF5 live, in person, last night. It's sex on a TV. You could make pancakes, read the paper, and talk to it as you eat. That's how lovely it is. I'd take that over a woman any day.


Castlevania X Chronicles announced for PSP!!

If I DIDNT have a reason to own a PSP before now (and believe me, I really didnt), I do now. Rondo remake (oh shit), PLUS the original AND Symphony of the Night for extra good measure! Here, have some video!

Source - 1up