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Just wanna heads up to a great, long article (+ pics/sprites/screenshots!) about one of my favorite game series, Darkstalkers! Check it out you bums!


Art by athena-chan


Random Image of the Day

I'd play it, or watch it. Whatever came first. Anything with Scrooge McDuck is an instant win.


EVO 2k7.....The Battle for the World begins anew...


The site is up and information will be posted up as soon as it hits. I'm really hoping for some SFA3 action. I've been playing the game nonstop. Good times.

Also, 'lol' @ Shade for having to buy a PSP. He did himself a horrible favor in getting one of those. It's a neat paperweight though. People see it and are like "Hey! A PSP! Can I use it?" And I promptly tell them, "No you may not. It's my official Sony SCEA paperweight." And they usually get a kick out of it until they say "Why the hate?"

And then I have them play T5DR on it and they understand. That Castlevania game has me hyped. If not just a bit. I need to finish Portrait of Ruin already and finish Phoenix Wright 1. Help me God. I'm too lazy right now. Ugh.......

In other news, I saw VF5 live, in person, last night. It's sex on a TV. You could make pancakes, read the paper, and talk to it as you eat. That's how lovely it is. I'd take that over a woman any day.


Castlevania X Chronicles announced for PSP!!

If I DIDNT have a reason to own a PSP before now (and believe me, I really didnt), I do now. Rondo remake (oh shit), PLUS the original AND Symphony of the Night for extra good measure! Here, have some video!

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