Mega Man Turns 20! Almost drinking age!

"Capcom is pulling out all the stops with promotional events and a campaign to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its beloved hero, Mega Man, on December 17th, 2007.

Mega Man was introduced to the world on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987 and has garnered sales of 26 million units worldwide. The hero, Mega Man, and a cast of distinct villains with their own unique personalities and powers have always held a special appeal for audiences of all ages, but most notably for a younger male audience. The Mega Man character is Capcom’s oldest character brand. In addition to video games, Mega Man has been featured in a wide range of products such as cartoons, movies, comic books, toys, and many other licensed goods.

The first commemoration comes in the form of a new Mega Man series called Mega Man Star Force. Mega Man Star Force is the first game of in the series to feature three different versions and they were released in Japan on December 14th. Capcom's website will also feature the blue hero’s anniversary logo and a special site chronicling 20 years of Mega Man history from the original game right up to Mega Man Star Force. This special site will feature design sketches from Mega Man's long history and is just one of the many events planned over the next year to celebrate Mega Man's birthday.

Capcom will continue to strive to introduce unique and universally beloved characters such as Mega Man that appeal to users of all ages."

As if we didnt get enough Mega Man! Haha, no, seriously. I enjoy alot of the titles, and its cool to see it still get so much support. Long live great series of old!

Capcom Announcement Page
20th Anniversary Page

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