*Looks down* Megaman will soon be drinking....

Well, fuck me on a flagpole, there's a new Megaman game coming out? AND the Blue Bomber turns 20. Ah, to be 20 again. Good times. I was there 2 years ago. Horrible experience.

Anyway, I finally got the first Phoenix Wright game and I must say that it is pretty damn good. Some of the most unique gameplay I've ever come across. I will never regret this awesome purchase. Ever. Only $19.99 as well at Toys 'R Us. I'll have that finished some day.

I also got Victorious Boxers: Fighting Spirit 2 in the mail the other day. Right now I'm upto Jason Ozuma and he's kicking my ass. But, the one thing that makes this game shine is the gameplay. The controls are pretty weird because the way you move depends on your angle in the ring. So, the left analog stick REALLY means a lot to this game. The only gripe I have is the hitboxes. How big are they really? A jab hits from far distance AND you can be knocked down by a jab. It's damn well near impossible to K.O. someone in this game. The story mode is alright. It basically goes along the story of the anime and since I have yet to beat the game I have clue as to how far the story mode goes. I know Bryan Hawk is in it. And that's pretty far into the manga(Vol. 45-ish).

Other than that, it's been a pretty slow month in terms of games. Well, I do have the following to finish:

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin
Final Fantasy III
Phoenix Wright
Victorious Boxers 2
Final Fantasy XII

So, that's not too bad for this winter. Soon, enough we'll be ending the year in about two weeks and you may be thinking "Well, it's the end of the year, they HAVE to do a Top Ten Games of the Year post." Well, you're thinking wrong. Soooo...if it's possible, we'll let the readers vote or something and post up what you guys think are the 10 greatest games of 2006. And if not, then fuck it. Who are we to say what are the 10 best games of this year? It's all subjective anyway. I don't want our list appearing on some gay ass forum anyway.

Anyway, outward and onwards my fellow gamers. Time to soft reset and start a new day.

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