So, this picture is interesting.

Most of you may already have the Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo running on your PS3s. Looks nice, right? Plays fairly well, obviously. Now let's just look at this wonderous image that Shade showed me.

Just, wow. Fucking amazing. And lo and behold it's an all new graphics engine that they developed for the game. God damn. The game looks amazing in motion as well. Runs very smoothly and is pretty much an all around fun game. I might consider purchasing it for the PS3. After all, a lot of us missed out on the Xbox version due to the fact that we didn't buy a Halo machine(as if the first Xbox wasn't a Halo machine) at the time.

I'm just shocked by that comparison image. Now I'm just wondering when we're gonna get a new Tenchu game. And if Capcom were to please us old school fans with a NEW fucking Strider game(the last one being Strider 2, duh). The DMC team could handle something like that. Hell, if Clover Studios were still a part of Capcom, I would have loved them if they made a new Strider game. But alas, one can only dream.

Anyway, E3 season is upon us folks. It's time to get hyped and to get our computers ready for all the videos we'll be downloading minute after minute.

By the way, Phoenix Wright is an awesome game/series. I'm still playing the first one due to my fighting game tournies and other gaming duties. It's a very elaborate game that makes you think. I like it. Fuck it. I love it. It's definitely one of the best Capcom games to come out in a long time.

Anyway, time to start saving that scratch for Hajime no Ippo: Revolution for the Nintendo Wii. That game is gonna be gold. Too bad I'm not so much in love with the Wii-mote.

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