Looks like BluRay came at a wrong time....(SRK Bad Pun Squad UNITE!!!)

So, it would seem that Sony is kinda in the hole in this situation. What kind of hole you ask? Surely, not the anus. But, it would seem that this hole is filled with liquids and gases made of pure fail.

Now, if we all remember correctly(I know I don't), Sony disavowed all such things as porn on the Betamax(Who knew?). Later, we found Betamax whoring itself out for money. I would have loved to have had the priviledge to sleep with a Betamax. Just that soothing tape. Rubbing against my skin. Only to find out that it was crappy in the sack due to the inexperience of sex.

BluRay may be next to put its ass up on the market for some cheap thrills. But, with a name like BluRay, I'd rather go with blue balls.

Anyway, could this mark the end of BluRay? Could this mean that we'll be watching Evan Stone rack up the kill count on HD DVD? For those that didn't know, there is internet available on the internet. Wait. I think I'm onto something.

Think about it. The internet became something HUGE(pardon another pun) when porn was becoming more mainstream on it. Well, gee-golly-willickers, Buster. Sony going against the porn industry is a big no-no. But, we'll have to see what comes(more puns) next. It's gonna get only harder and harder for Sony to keep up.

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