So the year will come to a close in about 9 hours....

So, now that 2006 is over it would seem that the generation of PS2's, Xbox's and Gamecube's have to a close. 2007 will usher the newest in gaming for the latest generation of consoles. The true battle for King of the NextGen begins at midnight. 2007 seem's to have a very strong lineup for all 3 consoles. Although, 3 of my favorites will, more than likely, not show up for this year. Those 3 are Gran Turismo 5, FFXIII and MGS4. Of course, like most people, I can wait. After all, the more time they spend on the game the more time it will allow for Squenix, Polyphony Digital and Konami to iron out the kinks out of these, what could be, prosperous titles.

I will be picking up my PS3 by March just for Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection and Virtua Fighter 5. Both games will keep me engrossed until Devil May Cry 4 rears its ugly head. This will definitely be a year for spending(again) when it comes to gaming.

Although, I'm praying to the greater gaming God's that the Sixaxis(spelled backwards its STILL Sixaxis) is lowered in price. $50 for a controller is just soooooooooo outrageous. Considering I go through those like a pitcher of iced tea.

But, anyway, my fingers are tiring out. It's New Year's Eve and it's time to ring in the new year with some sort of festivities. Either that, or get drunk off my ass and make an ATTEMPT at playing Victorious Boxers 2 without losing.

Have a happy new year folks and keep on reading! We'll be updating a lot more in 2007. It's gonna be a busy year. Game on!

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