GameStop, my enemy......Part 2

Sooooo......as some of you may have noticed, I went on this tirade yesterday about the Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin pre-order bonus that GameStop DID NOT guarantee upon the day of release. Upon calling today at 1:00 p.m. yet again, they said that the game did come with the bonus. BUT, it was for those that reserved before November 20th. So, apparently one of their employees lied to me. Which is great. More reason to hate those bastards.

But, yeah, I got it. It's nice and the CD has a total of 37 tracks on it. The stylus looks nice. But, since my DS Lite is black and the stylus is white, I think I'll use it as a toothpick. The box is alright. The picture that IGN.com used looked way better for some reason. Oh, it also comes with a game carry case. You can hold upto two DS games in there. Not too bad for those of us that want to carry more than one game(Phoenix Wright and FFIII will occupy that space).

And on the gaming side of things: Phoenix Wright is a work of art. I'm loving that game. A game that finally requires the full usage of the human brain. Or something to that extent. Still a fun and innovative game. More on that as I progress through it. Also, the pre-order for Phoenix Wright 2: Justice For All is up on GameStop's site. You get a stylus with a little screen whipe for whenever you get some human girth on it.

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Char said...

I pre ordered Lost Planet at GS just for the Mech doll. If I don't get it, I'm not accepting my copy of LP and goingto ask for my money back. THEN i'm going to go to Buy.com and use Googlecheckout, and get $20 off it. Apparently Buy.com will give you $20 off anything over $50 if you use GoogleCheckout. Gamestop and EB need to shape up, but at the same time us customers need to boycott these damn places.