Random News (Wii Updates)

America is showing the Wii a hell of alot of love. The current shipment of Wii's has completely sold out, with more supposedly coming out Friday, although in smaller numbers.

System is currently displaying a few errors (the systems were originally supposed to come with a "boot" disc of sorts, but was scrapped and Nintendo simply pre-booted them before sending hem out). Sadly, some of the systems seemed to have been missed. Not major, send to Nintendo or retailer, and get a replacement once its available.

Videos of Errors here.

Seems someone has found a way to run his naughty Emulators on the Wii aswell. Mwhaha. - Clever, evil man playing SNES9x on Wii. I'm interested in seeing what Nintendo does to prevent that from happening again. And update of some kind? Its possible.

Majority of sources are praising Twilight Princess as the best Zelda game ever. Even the lowest scorers (Gamespot) giving it an 8.8, its still a damn good score. I wont spoil TP (havnt played it myself, but some boobs revealed information at a site I visit, without giving Spoiler Warnings.

Also, seeing it in person at my job (Target) really makes me smile. It is one sexy ass piece of plastic and metal.

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