PS3 Launch Madness, Complete with Crazyness, Sorrow, Heartbreak, some Joy I guess, and Other Surprises!

So I got up at 3:47 in the am, getting ready for the PS3 launch of moronic, yet still epic proportions. To kill time before I head off for the opening madness, I discuss PS3 launch plans with a friend both of us wanting to get of course the PS3. Although I should really have no intention to, since I'm an import gamer and my last three systems (PS2, DS and PSP) are all of the Japanese flavour, and I'd like to continue that with the PS3. Add that to the fact that the Japanese 20GB PS3 is like $100+ cheaper compared to the domestic Canadian version of the same model (yes folks, your king is from the land of the Canadas where polar bears run wild, and the only internet access point is in town hall where we take turns charging up the generator with the use of dogsled power). But even though I was smart enough to wait, I was also stupid enough to let the Sony hype machine get to me, and it's funny since the PS1, PS2, and PSP hype machines didn't do shit to me (didn't buy a PS2 until like 2003). Anyhoo I got ended up getting ready to seal my fate, err go to the local mall, Metrotown. Link here for anyone curious.

Now my PS3 crusade starts, for the past couple of weeks I have been scouting and doing my research on the numbers of the PS3 and which entrances/exits to hit and whatnot of course to make a safe getaway. So I pretty much knew what store to hit, and the only store that didn't do preorders or have a ridiculously long line. So I narrowed it down to the SonyStore, who said they were getting less than 10 units, a mix of 20GBs and 60GBs.

Once I got to the mall at around 5AM, I prepared to wait at the only entrance that was supposed to be opened early and that was the one near the transit area. For the first 20 minutes or so, I was alone and so far my plan was foolproof! Or so I thought, the first couple of people started coming and we started to exchange information. Apparently the entrance that was supposed to be opened early was not going to be opened early because of the PS3 launch. So we had to wait, and soon we started to see the crazyness begin. Office workers in the office tower were able to get into the mall using their cards and some kids were able to talk the Starbucks to let them in, but the very same Starbucks staff didn't do the same for us. So me and a few other people decided to find another way of getting in.

We try the other entrances but no go, so we think about using the parking lot entrances. Anyway as luck would have it or notso have it, security was kicking people out of the mall. But, we eventually find a really good entrance that is close to the SonyStore and we pretty much sneak in. Unfortunately, other people have found ways to sneak in too and the security was pretty much on their heels with the crazy PS3 hunters. I eventually meet up with more PS3 launch people and one of them told me that he and his friend had to pretty much Ninja'ed their way through the loading bay and all the security shit of one of the big stores since they are employees, but still it was like insane apparently and they were scared shitless or something like that.

So we all make our way to the SonyStore as it draws near to opening time, and this is where the crazyness starts, complete with pics!

As you can see the very angry mob starts to form an even angrier (is that even a word? lol) one, directing their angry and hate and lust at one entity.

Yes, the SonyStore.

Anyway the only thing standing between the mob is this small and whiny security guard(the one in the yellow), apparently the head security guard, how that happened I have no idea. I guess like how one of the guys there today put it, he must've had the most annoying and loudest voice, so they made him leader.

And obviously, the mob grows weary and annoyed as shown in these pics below, also the numbers continued to grow with each passing second:

Basically, the mob at Point A as shown here:

Yes, that guard thought he was all that. lol

Was trying to get at Point B, the SonyStore:

Pretty much, if the SonyStore didn't get their act together, there would be casualties, I can assure you that. The SonyStore and the security then tried to formulate new plans on trying to keep the mob from killing each other and everything else in their path:

With the mob getting even bigger, badder and more nastier, if the Sony dudes and Security didn't get their act together, heads will roll:

Anyhoo, not wanting to be associated with anymore horror stories, the SonyStore manager thinks he has devised a way to organize the matter:

They will have some sort of lottery, there will be 500 sheets of paper handed out, apparently 6 of them will have numbers and those who get the ones with numbers will walk away with a PS3, so yes the store only had 6 units, 4 60GB and 2 20GB.

By this time I already stopped caring, and just thought about importing later on, but I decided to get in line anyway for this "lottery" because hey, what do I got to lose?

Unfortunately, I drew a blank sheet, so I thought my day was done until it was found out that they fucked up the draw, since instead of having 500 sheets of paper, they had a thousand sheets of paper. Great job guys, retards. Anyway 5 of the numbered sheets were taken, so 5 of the PS3s were out of the question, so it was just down to one last one. Like other people who had drawn blank sheets, I went back in line again.

The new plan to lottery off the final PS3 was to have everybody guess a number between 1 and 1000, and the closest one would win. Needless to say I guessed wrong (896 ugh, the actual number was 626 if I'm not mistaken), so the nightmare was finally over.

Spectators look on, thinking, what the fuck are these people doing?

Anyway all was not lost, because apparently Futureshop (a Best Buy brand up here), was having a fucking ridiculous sale on the Xbox 360 for one day only. For $449 (Canadian), which is $50 off the regular price, you get a Premium 360 and FOUR, count'em FOUR FREE games. And guess what, they don't suck, you get Ridge Racer 6, GRAW, some Xbox Live Arcade Collection, but get this for the fourth game, GEARS OF FUCKING WAR BITCHES!!!!. They are fucking giving this shit away, so it's a ridiculous deal, so yes I buy it.

A mountain of Billy G's Sexboxes ready to please their next owner.

So yeah there you have it, that's what I went through today and really it turned out good after all. Well, just because I scored a 360 doesn't mean that I won't get a PS3, I'll still buy a Japanese PS3 in 1st Quarter 2007 (also because Power Smash 3/Virtua Tennis 3 and Virtua Fighter 5 hit in 1st Quarter 2007). It just means that I'll have both. And what happens with my 360 purchase? Well a number of things, I could end up liking it, thus keeping it and then trade in GRAW, RR6, XAC for something better like I dunno Dead Rising. Or I could return it, get my full refund, and since you can't return opened software, I could just trade the games in, so if Billionaire's 360 degree machine doesn't please me, I get my money back AND free money, so it's all good.

- Doctorb-V


Galactic AE said...

Awesome tale. That 360 bundle was a steal and GoW was icing on the fucking cake.

Ranom SRK Noobie said...

Bwhaha, you fucking rock sir. I can clearly see who is gonna win this Console Battle. GO 360.

PrimeOp said...

It's starting to look like Sony's ploy to make the PS3 look like the hottest item ever may actually sell more X-Box 360 units than PS3 consoles. People go to get the thing that they can't get and "OH TEH SNAPS, CHEAP 360 SET FOR LESS MONIES!"

Seriously, much respect on reporting live from the trenches of the console war.