So, I'm about 20 hours into this mighty gem of a game. And so far, it's addicting. This game is absolutely too good and it is a gorgeous game. The game really starts getting good at about the fifth hour or so of the game. So, this might turn many off from the game. But, if you stick around it does start moving forward after some little exploring and getting to know your character(Vaan) a lot more. It's sort of like Kingdom Hearts 2 where you spend about 8 hours running around with Roxas and going through a tutorial and then it starts to pick up at about the 9th hour.

The characters. Holy, good Goddamn. I actually enjoy the characters in this game a lot more than the boring and dull characters of FFX. Although, Auron was the man in FFX. But, the rest of the cast was......meh. Tidus couldn't have faded into the after life any sooner. Balthier, right off the bat, is top tier among the rest of the cast. He seems to have become the fan favorite amongst many from the forums I've been visiting. The characters actually have more personality to them and are more vibrant on screen during the nice cutscenes that SquareEnix is known for.

The combat system is one to behold. There are many that will hate it and there are others that will love it. I, for one, love it. I love maximizing my options in a battle and I like knowing that I can still make last minute decisions even with the Gambit system functioning full-on amidst battle. And the License Board is much better than the, ever-annoying, Sphere-grid system from FFX. I like being able to customize to my liking. Not following a linear trail to get to my good stuff like Curaga spells and other magics that help me live. The game is a lot more interactive compared to FFX and it plays like a mix of Final Fantasy Tactics with Final Fantasy 1. Why FFI? Because leveling up is a bitch in this game and items, armor and weapons cost a lot. You also buy your magic spells in this game like you did in FFI. The game really makes you work for your stash. Which is a good thing. I like a good RPG that makes me work for my stuff rather than spoiling me with 3 powerhitters and just running through the game in a matter of hours.

And I'm really loving the fact that the game is Lord of the Rings and Star Wars combined. It executes so well. This game really has lived up to it's hype so far and I'm looking forward to more. So, away I go to put in more hours into this wonderful game.


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