Final(ly) Fantasy 12?

Well, Goddamn, it's about time this game finally came out. After waiting 6(!) months after it's one-time official release this week we'll finally get to play it. We'll get to bask in the glory of a new Final Fantasy game. And then....we'll bitch about it because it sure as hell doesn't play like any of the past Final Fantasy games we've all come to know and love. That's right folks. It plays like a MMORPG and less like an RPG. Well, it's in between the two. You see, you fight in real-time this time. You give your 2 other partner characters their commands and VOILA! Magic happens(well, not magic specifically but you get the idea).

So it's no longer turn-based battle. I, for one, am looking forward to this after months and months of delays and revisions and a shoddy demo that came with Dragon Quest 8. Don't know how much of a difference in my life the special edition will make in my life. But, I managed to preorder it.

Also, I'm in the final chapter of X-Men Legends 2. So expect a nice review on that. I probably won't make it AS long as my Justice League Heroes review. But, it will contain some highlights and some minor differences compared to X-Men Legends 2. All I can say right now is that it is a fun game and a much better experience all around than X-Men Legends 1 ever was.

Another thing I forgot to add. What the hell is wrong with the gaming industry these days!? I went to pre-order Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin the other day. I usually don't pre-order portable games because they're usually easy on the wallet and can be found anywhere. So, I start asking about the limited edition box that will be coming with the game(includes lots of goodies) and the clerk tells me that I'm not necessarily guaranteed one. What the fuck? PS3's aren't guaranteed at launch. Rumors about Wii's not being guaranteed at launch. Is there no such thing as a safe pre-order anymore? Meaning I have to take the day off from work just so I can show up early in the morning to claim my limited edition box set before some other geek beats me to it.

In PSP news: Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops still coming out. My PSP is still collecting dust. Best experience ever.


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